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Mail.ru Inbox (English)



Russian Pronunciation English
почта pOch-ta mail
адреса a-dres-Ah addresses
мой moy my
мир mir world
фото fO-ta photo
видео vEE-di-oh video
блоги blOg-i blogs
ежедневник yezh-ed-nYEv-nik organizer / online diary
входящие fha-dYA-sh-i-ye inbox
удалить oo-da-lEEt' Verb: to delete
переместить per-i-mes-tEEt' Verb: to move
в v in / to
новый nO-viy new
пометить pa-mYE-tit' Verb: to mark
прочтённым prach-tYO-nim read
непрочтённым nYE-prach-tYO-nim unread
важный vAzh-niy important
неважный ni-vAzh-niy unimportant
обычный a-bwEIch-niy normal / usual
вирусный vEEr-roos-niy virus / viral (adjective)
опасность a-pAst-nast' danger (feminine noun)
низкий nIs-kiy low
скачать ska-chAt' Verb: to download
автор Af-tar author
тема tYEm-a theme / subject
дата dA-ta date
размер raz-mYEr size
пожаловаться pa-zhAL-a-vat-sa Verb: to complain
на na on / to
спам spam spam (unsolicited email)
добавить da-bA-vit' Verb: to add
чёрный chYOr-niy black
список spI-sak list
показаны pa-kA-za-nei shown
письма pEEs-ma letters / messages
далее dA-le-ye further / onward
назад na-zAt back / backwards




Welcome to your Mail.ru Inbox!

Your inbox shows you the emails that people have sent to you.

The blue tabs across the top of the page allow you to navigate to other sections of Mail.ru. Presently you are viewing your mailbox inside the Почта (mail) tab.

Mail.ru Inbox (English)


Other tabs to the right of Почта include:

  • Адреса: Addresses (address book)
  • Мой Мир: My World (social network)
  • Фото: Photo (view other users' photos and display your own)
  • Видео: Video (view other users' videos and display your own)
  • Блоги: Blogs
  • Ежедневник: Organizer / online diary


Mail.ru Inbox (English)

Underneath the Входящие (Inbox) heading, the button "Удалить" means "delete". If you select some messages and then press this button, the selected emails will be deleted.

Переместить в (move to) allows you to move selected emails to different folders.
By now you can recognise the folder names in this drop-down box, but the bottom option is новую (new), which allows you to create a new folder and move your messages into this new folder.

Пометить (Mark / flag as..) allows you to mark messages as:
прочтенным: read
непрочтённым: unread
- - - - - - - - -
важным: important
неважным: unimportant
обычным: normal

The text to the far right, Вирусная опасность, indicates the level of "virus danger". We don't know exactly what this does as it never seems to change from низкая (low).

You might also see a link (the red text in the image above) to скачать (download) Mail.ru Agent.
We suggest you don't do this until you know what you're doing, as it can install toolbars and change browser settings unless you tell it not to. Certainly if we have enough requests to write a guide for Mail.ru Agent then we will do this in another lesson.

In the grey panel just above the list of emails is the standard information:

  • Автор: Author
  • Тема: Subject (theme)
  • Дата: Date
  • Размер: Size


There are also some buttons underneath the email list. These are:

Пожаловаться на спам: to complain about spam.
If you want to report spam, select the unsolicited email and then press this button.

The next button, Добавить автора в (Add author into ...), enables you to add the author of a selected message into either your:

Адреса: Addresses (Address book) or
Чёрный список: Black list (blocks incoming messages from this author).

Down in the bottom-right corner, Показаны письма (Shown messages) tells you how many messages are shown on this page. For example, you might have 100 messages in your inbox and only the first 20 are listed on this page. 20 из 100, means "20 out of 100" messages are shown on this page.

If your messages span over more than one page then you will see the page navigation links:

Далее: Further (next 5 pages)
Назад: Back (previous 5 pages)

Click on an email to read it.